Thank you for all your love and support. I appreciate you.
Brutus Gets Messy For You
Well. I finally made a messy video and created a store. I hope you enjoy it. Message me if you have any problems with it. I'm pretty new to all of this so I'm just experimenting and trying to figure all this out. I appreciate all yall's feedback. Thank you! I appreciate all your love and support! Life has dealt me some bad hands lately. I was forced to quit my job of 6 years last year. I got a new job which pays better but in the process has given me alot more stress and responsibilities. Apologies that my sessions have become a bit more scarce. Not doing well with time and money so I appreciate each and everyone of yours support. I hope you enjoy what I've got. Have also decided to shoot a wet look video! I had been out of the scene for far too long and I know how popular clothed and showers are with some people. I also added a few surprises in the end because...well it's me! Was able to go out and check out a mudpit with my good friend Mudfun. We had been talking about this for about a year now but never could quite get it to work. I hope I was respectful enough for ya buddy and I get to see ya again. Come on over sometime if you want to get pied. Also, just released my video Nothing but the S's. This is a compilation video of every mess I've ever taken for 2022-2023. It features every splat, splotch, squirt and splash that I've ever posted and several that I haven't posted or will ever post. So this video is the only place to see most of them. Created a new video with my new friend Dbl999 April 2024. You can see my body changing since my new job has been demanding so much of my time. I haven't been able to work out since last year and my eating hasn't been very good either. My model body is not shown very well so I hope you can stomach my obvious fattening. Hoping to exercise and eat better for my newer sessions. Much love to you all and may 2024 be kind to you as we try to maneuver this crazy mixed-up world of ours.
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Sent by real customers
Messy, but a little dark.
This was a fun video- lots of mess, playful and fun. Only issue I had was the lighting was a little hard to see them, but the amount of mess and fun they had offset it for me. Invest in more lighting and it would be perfect.
-messman12345678    Monday    
Fantastic mess!
This is a fantastic scene. The chemistry is great and the mess is spectacular. Absolutely recommend if you are considering it!
-gguy254    7/16/22    
Great video!
Super hot video with great pies and cakes. Brutus really enjoys himself, and the final scene is icing on the cake.
-pirtvl205    6/23/22    
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